Bridges with Balusters are one of our newest designs. Available in all sizes.

Bridges with Balusters are one of our newest designs. Available in all sizes.

Create your own design. Thanks to one of our customers we have designed a unique one of a kind bridge. It has surpassed all our expectations. There are many Baluster selections that one can create along with this bridge here. So if your looking for a unique and exquisite bridge, call us at Redwood Garden Bridges to discuss your options. We are very proud of our new designed baluster bridge and the future of this unique product.


We offer many different Styles.

Look at them and decide which would look best in your yard , ones with ropes, rails one or two, curved rails, spindles, short post or no posts at all, spindles, half spindle, even composite lumber materials. Yes we build a line of RainbowBridges.

To help you with all the options, we have packed our web site with information about the materials, designs, sizes, cost, and shipping of our easy-to-assemble Bridges. If you have any questions or want a Custom Quote, you can contact our consultant professional by calling our phone line and talking to Designer/Builder, Joe. He will help you with your landscaping bridge questions.

You have made us the fastest growing bridge builder in the business.

I personally want our customers happy with their bridges that we build, if for any reason you aren’t happy please call me on my personal number at 559-325-2597. I want to know about it. You are our future. It is our privilege to serve you.